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Beautiful Gardens Anyone Can Do It

This article highlights a couple who treat gardening as a science I find it difficult getting along with my parents but I still like to spend time at their house. You may be wondering why. Well, although I feel frustrated in their company, they have a beautiful back yard that drives away all the pain and stress. I simply love the feeling there. Sometimes I also wonder how they managed to have a garden as beautiful as that. It seems to have popped out of one of a magazine.

Contrary to the beliefs that such gardens are only found in the countryside, my parents actually have this in the middle of the city. Unimaginable but true. This is one of the things that surprise me often. Most of the landscaping and landscape magazines that I have seen give the impression that beautiful gardens are a possibility only on the countryside. This is obvious considering the huge plots of land people have around their houses. However, my parents' garden has changed that perspective for me.

I can now imagine that these gardens can be found in the city as well. This is not the end of the surprises I have. My parents' personalities are not at all reflected in the garden they have developed. Unlike the cool and pleasant look of their garden, my parents are the task masters who are committed to their work. They look at the garden as a project and work hard to get it to the status it is currently in.

However, I doubt if they ever sit and enjoy the garden they have created. For them, every thing boild down to a systematic way of doing things and that the garden should look beautiful. I just hope they would enjoy this beautiful piece and use it sometime to lower their stress. You may be surprised to read this article on how opposites can sometime create wonders.

No other magazine, I bet, would have reported a couple who do not look at beauty as a concept but as a science. Ideally, one would think of people passionate about their work producing excellent results, but here is a couple who treats it like a task and still manage to develop a beautiful garden within the city. Who knows, maybe their passion lies in doing it that way and may be that's why they are successful.

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