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see larger image Congo Side Table from Powell & Bonnell
"I love this piece for both it's elegance and it's solid feel. It is a bold, modern table that fits into any design that calls for a clean line."
—Jocelyn Hutt
  see larger image Karelian Birch Unit from Grafton Furniture Company
"This unit won't stand quietly against a wall. It makes a dramatic statement with bold lines and contrasting wood tones. It seems to step right into the room."
Susan Winner
see larger image Le Corbusier™ Chaise Lounge from Cassina
I fell in love with this chaise when I was a student in architecture school, and the feeling has never left me. It not only has beautiful, clean lines—it has texture! Designed nearly 75 years ago, it's a modern day "classic."
—Margaret Sheldon
  see larger image The Wedding Rug from Angela Adams
"This whimsical rug is custom-designed with a couple's 'symbols' and luxuriously studded with tiny Swarovski crystals. I'd love to surprise my engaged sister with one!"
—Wendy Simard
see larger image Hide and Seek Cabinet from Altura
"I think the name of this product says it all. It is functional but has a playfulness to it. I love the way the gliding doors mimic the unveiling of the screen at an old theater!"
Richard May
  see larger image Campaign Style Sleigh Bed from Shannon & Jeal
"Beautifully crafted with steel and brass, and featuring artful curves, this bed makes a statement in a contemporary room."
—Deborah Berger

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