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Have a pancake party

Are your kids tired of clowns, pi˝atas, and pin the tail on the donkey? If you are fresh out of party ideas, don't worry, there is always breakfast. Huh? Yes, breakfast. You can have a pancake party! Throwing a pancake party is something different that your child's friends probably haven't had.

It is fun and unique and very simple! Keep reading to find out how easy it is to throw a pancake bash. You can begin by choosing your pancake theme Of course it will be pancakes, but are you going to make pancake shapes, colored pancakes, pancake people, etc.? You can be as creative as you would like.

It could be a chocolate pancake party and you can have the kids make chocolate pancakes and use chocolate chips and other chocolate treats to decorate the pancakes. You might decide to make huge pancakes in a cake pan and have them use cookie cutters to cut out shapes. Or you can be simple and make regular pancakes but have lots of different toppings for them such as fruit, candy, whipped cream, or ice cream.

Next, you will need to purchase your ingredients and supplies. Wait until you know how many kids will be coming before you do this so that you have enough but not too much. Make a list and use a recipe to make sure you don't forget anything. You will need basic ingredients such as flour, eggs, and milk, but also make sure you have enough supplies for the kids to use such as spatulas, spoons, bowls, and pans.

Of course, you will also need serving supplies such as utensils, plates, napkins, and cups. Use fun colorful tablecloth designs or colors that will match what you are doing. For example, you can do a tropical theme with colorful fruit and tropical decorations and use a lot of fruit with the pancakes. If you are coloring the pancakes, use bright colored tablecloths, cups, plates, and napkins. Have a plan before the party. If the kids know you don't know what you're doing, they might go crazy and take advantage of the situation by making a mess.

Set up individual stations for each task. Have one group measure the ingredients, another mix, and another pour on the pan. Make sure the kids aren't too young that they can burn themselves on the pan. You might want to do this part yourself or have plenty of supervision around. Have each of the kids dress up their own pancakes. This is a perfect idea that you can personalize.

Have the kids draw their names in batter or in icing on the pancakes. Let them each use different colors. Have available many different toppings and let them do whatever they want. Make sure to warn them when you think some foods won't go well together so that they don't waste food because it tastes bad.

You can even have party favors such as baking utensils or cookies. Have fun with this party idea. You might even want to switch from pancakes to French toast or waffles, or include them all! The point is to get them involved.

They will have lots of fun and maybe even learn a little about baking.

Pancakes can be hard to get the hang of. When we see the perfect pancakes at restaurants, we envy them. Do you want to find the perfect pancake recipe? To find out more information about pancakes and cooking breakfast, go to MakePancakes.com.

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