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How to easily drill holes in tile stone and glass

When you come across a material that is very hard like porcelein tiles, concrete, stone, jewels and glass then their is only one thing that will enable you to drill that hole and it's diamond. Using diamond drill bits and diamond core drill bits is simple and requires no real specialised equipment. Following the 4 simple steps below will ensure that you get the maximum life out of your diamond drill bits and produce the best results. Step 1 - use diamond drill bits at slow speeds. Small diamond drill bits need to be used at approx. 7000-1000 RPM, this is generally the slowest speed on your rotary tool or Dremel.

Diamond core drill bits need to be used at varying speeds depending on the overall diameter eg. 6mm-2000 RPM, 12mm-950 RPM, 24mm-700 RPM Step 2 - use diamond drill bits with water Small diamond drill bits are best used underwater, this keeps the drill bit cool and enables circulation of the water to remove debris and keep things lubricated. One tip is to place some blu-tac or plastercine in the bottom of a bowl filled with water and drill through and into the blu-tac. Diamond core drill bits are generally used with water being squirted directly onto the working surface, this can be a makeshift washing up bottle or professional water feed. Step 3 - start the diamond drilling process correctly To start small diamond drill bits I recommend tilting the drill bit until it bites on the edge and then taking the drill up to vertical to finish. Diamond core drill bits can be started by making a template out of wood or plastic the same size as the drill and then drilling through the template and into the object.

A simpler method is to cut a "V" into a piece of wood or plastic and then start the drill bit by placing it on top of the "V", once the drill bit bites you can remove the template. Step 4 - use diamond drill bits with light pressure Both diamond drill bits and diamond core drill bits are sensitive to heavy pressure. When drilling you should use light pressure and continuously take the drill bit in and out of the hole to enable the water to circulate and debris to be removed. Be patient and you'll get much more life out of your drill bits. Good luck!.

Eternal Tools specialise in diamond drilling and the supply of diamond drill bits. You can find out more hints and tips on their website http://www.eternaltools.com

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