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I Moving Back Home And Look For Moving Company

Help! Im moving and Im so overwhelmed I cant seem to get out of my chair! My husband dropped the bombshell on me just this morning.

I lost my job and were moving back home. he said, Im going ahead to find a job. You pack up the house and join me later. And with that, he walked out the door.

My head is still reeling.

What should I do? I cant believe he walked out the door like that expecting me to organize everything. I force myself out of my chair for the first time since hed made his devastating announcement and look at the time 10:00 AM, two whole hours had past. Were moving home? Why?

I need coffee.

I fill my coffee cup and take a gulp of the scalding brown liquid. Maybe this would stop the pounding headache that had started to thud in my ears. I massage the knot in my neck. I have to think I have to start doing something.

I have an idea.

Everything can be found on the Internet, right? I shuffle over to the computer and flop down in the chair. I Google residential relocation. I heard the words somewhere. Maybe on TV Oprah or something, I guess.

What I find really catches my attention. Residential relocation services are available to anyone people like me.

One company is owned by a woman. Her picture is even on her residential relocation site.

she looks down to earth. What she promises to do is help get rid of stuff. I dont need or use and pack up the house with an organized system. This is what it says her company will do:

* De-Cluttering/Packing in my old home
* Re-arrangement of Furniture in my new home
* Painting /removal of wallpaper in my new home
* Accessorizing in my new home

She even promises to be my motivation to turn my move from a chore to something I enjoy. Who knew there were businesses that would provide services for residential relocation?

Well, my loving husband had left it all to me.

I decide right then and there that I am not doing this myself. I will hire this woman who promises help with residential relocation. This is just what I need.

I pick up the phone and call the number listed on the residential relocation site.

I have a conversation with the website owner and am very impressed with her friendliness. We make arrangements for her to come over tomorrow to begin the monumental task of packing up my home.

I begin to feel better about the huge task ahead.

And then it hits me Im going home! Back to the town where my husband and I were born back to where all of my family still lives. I have to call my mother and tell her the good news!


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