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Myths About Baby Milestones That Plague Your Babys Future Whether You Know It Or Not

Do you, without question, believe everything you hear about baby milestones and how to give your baby the best? And then rush off to buy the latest recommendation? If you're focusing on developing your baby's full potential, you will regularly hear the same myths. Definitely 3 of the "most frequent" myths you'll hear are: #1: Skipping any of the major baby milestones is a clear cut sign of superior development. #2: My baby is very intelligent.

So, she doesn't have to master the milestones. #3: I don't need to know what the baby milestones are. all babies automatically and spontaneously master all of them. The truth is, believing these myths will hinder your baby's future, rather than give any kind of headstart. So, let's solve these once and for all.

Myth #1: Missing out and not mastering any baby milestone may be a sign that there's an inability to master such a skill. And, if it's a vital skill, your child will in all probability need this ability in years to come. Lack of ability may also be the result of inherited causes.

It may even be due to a disease or muscle and nervous system problems that prevent or hinder development. A baby who does not crawl misses out on getting tactile stimulation through the hands. In later years this child may have problems holding a pen or pencil. And most likely, have difficulty to write. Myth #2: Normal baby development is universal and follows the same natural patterns and steps throughout the world.

That means a baby developing "normally" should master every development milestone within a very specific age range, regardless of where in the world she lives. or how intelligent she is. Babies develop certain skills in a very specific order. That's why milestones also have a very specific sequence in which they should me mastered.

So, even gifted babies follow this same development pattern by mastering the different milestones. And despite what you may believe, your baby does not have her own unique set of development rules where certain skills are not needed. You often hear of boys who don't like or even refuse to build puzzles. They prefer to play outside. That's not uncommon.

But most of these boys will invariably struggle with certain skills at school. Many of them struggle to organize themselves when given a page with lots of information. Words or even sentences are left out when they read. And many struggle to copy information from a board to a book. Playing and building puzzles would have developed some of these basic skills, thus preventing the problem.

Myth #3: If things are perfect, you don't need to know what the milestones are. Or when your baby should master them. or in what sequence.

But real world experience shows that things are not always perfect. And infants don't always automatically develop all the skills at the right age. Many of them struggle at school a few years later.

Most of these problems can easily be prevented by immediately spotting a problem. And then taking corrective action. The sooner a problem is spotted, the easier it can be overcome.

So, the easiest way you can give your baby the best is to ignore these myths, to know what the major baby milestones are and when they must be mastered. The only thing that remains is then to closely watch and track your child's progress.

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