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Pick the right type of grass for maximizing the beauty

There are different types of grasses unlike plants and shrubs. This article gives valued information about how the right variety of grass should be picked according to the climate and the time available to maintain it. Like plants and shrubs there are different types of grasses with different needs and are best suited for different types of climate. Some grasses grow well in moist climate and some in dry.

Below are the three different resources on cutting grass that grow well in Southerly climate. Bermuda grass Bermuda grass has the ability to grow at a very fast rate and if not controlled can multiply at an unbelievable speed and invade your flowerbed with in no time. It is very tough, hardy and can stand to real wear tear and also requires very little care and maintenance and can survive in any condition. Thus one has to be careful while choosing Bermuda grass for their lawn. Although, this can prove to be a boon if you do not have the time nor the inclination to nurture your lawns. Bermuda grass is a good option as winter grass rather than the perennial ryegrass and is usually seen on the roadsides down south.

Basically, Bermuda grass needs very little water and grows well in warm climate. Although, it is very tough, it cannot survive under shady places, as it needs good sunlight to survive. Comma Bermuda grass variety is quite cheap and hence best suited for lawns with direct sunlight.

2. Centipede Centipede is also a low maintenance grass and hence does not need frequent mowing or fertilization. Although, unlike Bermuda grass, Centipede does not grow quickly nor can it withstand heavy traffic. Centipede is a tough grass and is best suited for places with acidic soil, like the soil found in the lower South.

Basically it grows best in direct sunlight but can also survive with little sunlight. Centipede grass has proved that it can survive where no other variety of grass can. Centipede grass should be fertilized in the spring with low-nitrogen fertilizer, which does not contain phosphorus. The ideal mix is 15-10-15. Four and a half and five and a half is the right pH level for centipede grass. The Zoysia is the ultimate type of grass for the southern climate as its tolerance to cold is great.

The ideal pH level for zoysia is between 6 and 7. Zoysia grass is available in seed form as well as rolls of sod. Usually it takes a very long time to take root if seeds are sown. So it's best to opt for rolls of sod if you want quick results. The primary variety of zoysia grass thrives best where sunlight is available in direct view. Others such as Emerald also grow in the shade.

Though Zoysia can sustain without water for short periods, you need to arrange to water them if the drought lasts over a week. For best results it should be fertilized twice in a year, in spring and fall. Zoysia grass is the most attractive of the warm season grasses, which requires a great deal of care and upkeep to give its dark green luxurious look.

Hence this type of grass should not be considered if you do not have the time and patience to devote and its best to choose any other variety grass suited for the warm climate. For the southern climate, there are some other warm climates grasses like the tall fescue variety that are resistant to droughts. Grass companies have spent a great deal of money and time to find out the best mix for your areas, so that you don't have to waste your time and money to figure the same. One can easily find these ready mixes at the local nursery or garden center.

Andrew Caxton is a syndicated writer of http://www.lawn-mowers-and-garden-tractors.com . Find more publications about cutting grass at his website.

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