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Storage Unit at its best

When you want a storage unit and you call to rent one out you are given different storage unit sizes so that you can get a better understanding of what you really want and if it will benefit you. Because most people that call the call center really do not know what size they need and they do not want to get one that is too large or small. Therefore they then have to call and we give them the storage unit size and also what the storage unit can hold if you decide to get that one. Here are some of the storage unit spaces that you can think of when you are thinking of getting a storage unit.

5 x 10 and this can store a one-bedroom apartment also a couple of chairs and several boxes fit into this storage unit. 10 x 10 can store a two-bedroom apartment and also a couch and some boxes and a desk should fit into this space. 10 x 15 can store a three-bedroom apartment a couple of tools and some boxes also a washer and dryer and also a refrigerator in the unit.

10 x 20 can store a small home some tools, a washer and dryer refrigerator, boxes or a small vehicle in the unit. 10 x 30 can store a large home a washer and dryer and also a pool table etc. There are several reasons why you should really call the call center and figure out which storage unit is good for you because you never know what you need, so you should get an second opinion on the storage unit size.

Just by you calling and naming off the items you plan on storing, we can give you the best storage unit based on your needs. When dealing with a storage unit there are different things you should know about the storage unit such as if its climate controlled because you may need it to be for the items you are storing. Here are some storage tips. Always lock your units Put fragile items in a dresser to reserve space Label boxes so you know what's in them and make sure the writing is legible Do not store and high risk items such as paint and bleach etc Make sure you cover all of your items so they can stay clean Pack boxes fully so that they wont sink in this helps when you are storing them on top of one another When you are looking for a storage unit, make sure that you are getting the right storage unit size. It would be a hassle if you had moved in a unit and it was not large enough so you had to move out and find another one. When you are searching for a unit you should always have a back-up plan just in case your unit that you want has been taken.

One way to guarantee your storage unit is by reserving it over the phone. Making a storage reservation is a responsible and worry-free way of knowing you can rest assured to have the space you need, when you need it.

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