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Taking A Peek At Curtains

Curtains are one of the easiest ways to add warm touches throughout your home. They can make a beautiful and elegant addition to your decor as well and they make your house feel more like home. When trying to select the right curtain design for your home, be sure that you are selecting a curtain that will convey the warmth and atmosphere that you are attempting to create within your home. Curtain Rods Curtain rods are more often becoming a vital component of a room's decor, particularly the window decor.

You may want to try using brass finials on your curtain rods or any number of other elegant decorative touches that can be added to curtain rods today. You can also use your curtain rods creatively in order to add layers, depth, or even decorative touches to your window treatments. Curtain Ties While curtain ties hold back curtains in order to let the sun shine in, they also have a more aesthetic purpose as well. Be creative when using curtain ties not only in how they are used or the material used but also the actual location of the ties in regards to the curtains. For more dramatic appeal try using the curtain tie lower on the curtain or higher rather than in the middle. You may also consider using only one tie rather than two for dramatic appeal.

This should have an appeal similar to a woman wearing a dress with only one strap. Curtain Fabric Fabrics are very important in curtains for many reasons. The choices would be best if they suited your particular design tastes. There are so many options to explore when it comes to fabrics that this is a decision you may want to play around with. Try mixing and matching fabrics as well as prints and solids.

You can have so much fun choosing the perfect fabrics for your curtains. Some popular fabrics for curtains include: cotton, silk, satin, and/or lace. You'll also want to make sure before you hang your curtains that the color and pattern will fit with your decor. Some people prefer solid colors and earth tones while others prefer bright colors. Floral prints are also quite popular for curtains. If you want to add unique appeal layer your curtains with different fabrics and different rods.

In addition to the rods, fabrics, and ties you can have dramatically different curtains based on the cut of the cloth or the drape of the fabric. Here are a few more window design types that you may find to be of interest. 1) Valance. A valance is a short piece of fabric often found at the very top of a window. This piece of fabric can operate as an accent to a curtain, dressing for blinds, or simply provide a layered effect.

2) Swag. These curtains have a rather distinctive design feature in the shape of an inverted 'v' cut across the bottom. The two sides of the 'v' frame the window. 3) Panel Curtain. This is a classic for certain. This type of curtain is composed of a flat piece of cloth that hangs down from the curtain rod.

4) Ruffle Curtain. These curtains are designed with the feature of a vertical 'ripple' effect, which makes the curtain appear to flow rather than merely hang. 5) Sheer. These curtains are made from material that has transparent qualities and are quite popular for their ability for allowing sunlight in. 6) Scarf Curtain. Similar to the valence, the main feature of this curtain is that it is supported across the curtain rod and is meant to accent a curtain rather than serve as a curtain itself.

A scarf curtain rather than having square features is tied up at the ends allowing the center of the scarf to cascade downwards. The list above is not an exhaustive list there are other designs. One of the beauties about all of the designs mentioned however is that more than one can be mixed and matched with another.

Be creative and have fun choosing the best curtains for your windows.

Don't overlook curtains as a window treatment. You'll find plenty of window treatment ideas at http://www.coveringyourwindows.com. From shower curtain rods, to wood window blinds to roman shades, you'll find the perfect window coverings for your home.

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