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The Famous Lazy Boy Recliner

A lazy boy recliner is a wonderful piece of furniture you can lounge on, relax, and enjoy life's comfort. Many people that have been using lazy boy recliners in their homes for a long time can say that they are really satisfied with the product. A lazy boy recliner is a very comfortable seat. The lazy boy recliner was first introduced to the public in 1928.

From the pioneer days of the lazy boy recliner, many different designs and innovations have appeared in the furniture market. These newer types of lazy boy recliners were made to satisfy the consumer demand and the specific individual needs of each customer. But still, the basic function of a lazy boy recliner remains, which is to allow your body to sit comfortably and properly. The very first lazy boy recliner was made from orange crates. The purpose of the product was to allow a person to sit and lean pleasurably. The "automatic adjustable chair" was the former name of this kind of furniture.

The name "lazy boy recliner" would become suitable for it a bit later. As the years went by, the lazy boy recliner has been developed to incorporate many colorful and artistic designs and options. There are three common kinds of lazy boy recliner that are popular today. The first one is called the Syracuse.

This beautiful lazy boy recliner has three recline options. It is 19 inches high, 21.5 inches wide, and 19.5 inches in depth. There are many options to choose from regarding color combinations and styles that will fit your personal taste.

The second type is the Brent. This lazy boy recliner is a sofa and also a loveseat that has recline options. The pad and pillow seat of this lazy boy recliner makes you feel comfortable, making you realize that sitting is indeed a wonderful thing to do. The third is called the Devon.

This is a lazy boy recliner that gives you sheer luxury and has great sitting options. This recliner has various functionalities that would welcome you each time you sink into its comfortable seat. The designers of the lazy boy recliner are Edwin Shoemaker and Edward Knabusch. These two were cousins who shared a simple life and humble beginnings.

Edwin and Edward shared investments on their own furniture line in Monroe, Michigan. This is where the pioneering lazy boy recliner was first introduced to the public. Nowadays, the lazy boy recliner has many features, designs and options that you can choose from. Relaxing in your own home will become your most favorite thing to do.

Grace Palce is writing articles for her website about slip covers for lazyboy recliners.

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