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The Romance of Wax Candles

A bottle of wine, the lights down really low, soft music playing, and a candle lit dinner for two - sounds really romantic doesn't it? In any romantic scene, no matter if it is on the silver screen or in your living room, you almost always find wax candles somewhere. But, why? Is it the flickering, soft light that draws us to them, or the vast array of different smells to choose from? Probably a little of both. So, when you are planning you're next romantic scene, here are some tips to help you pick the perfect wax candles and place them in the perfect places around the room. 1. Buy wax candles that don't have strong or outdoors scents.

Steer clear of smells like: pine, cedar, and other very strong scents. These can only make your nose too sensitive and can actually spoil the mood if the other person doesn't like that particular scent. You never want to purchase a candle that has an overpowering scent even before the wrapper comes off, this is a bad sign! 2.

Buy wax candles that have a lighter, seductive scent. Scents like lavender and other light floral or fruity scents are great to place around the room, since they will give off just a hint here or there of smell and not over power. Even unscented candles work great for this. You can scatter them around with the scented ones, and you won't have to worry about mixing smells or if the smell is too overpowering. 3. When placing them around the room, do it unlit first.

Placing lighted candles can be a disaster if you drop one, knock one over, or don't get it on the shelf just right. So, doing it unlit is always the best idea. This is also a great way to find places to put them, as you can move them around until you are satisfied with their placement.

4. When placing wax candles around the room, make sure that you have them placed to there is either a small concentration of light where you are having your dinner or wine, or that they are placed around the room to give off ample light for the whole room. This way, you can set the mood to either just revolve around you and the other person, or you can set it to cover the whole room.

So, no matter what the occasion is, wax candles are always a great way to help any day be more romantic and calm. The next time that you are planning something special for your loved one, pick up a few wax candles on the way home, you'll be glad you did!.

Author Jerry Cahill is a publisher and webmaster. See more of his work at Candle Wax and Wicks

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