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Using Blinds For Coloring At Home

Say goodbye to the bland living room. The colorful days of décor are upon us, and you need to comply with the rules or the home fashion police will raid your house and charge you. These days, black and white, monochrome, stainless steel, and white are all gone. Now, bright vivid colors are where it is for décor. However, all is not lost. You do not need to go out and buy new furniture.

You can update your look, and keep those heirlooms from your grandmother. The bachelor furniture can stay, as long as you know what to do. Consider the basic white room. A white wall no longer looks great when it is featured with a white couch in the front, both of which are coordinated with a glass coffee table.

That room probably also has white wood blinds. Well, you need to discard those wood blinds. Surf the web and find some window treatments with colors. Find vertical blinds with a vivid red. There are some sites with so many colors that you are sure to find one that makes your heart beat again, now that the room no longer looks like an operating room.

Bright vivid blinds can coordinate well with a pillow or a small rug, but get the blinds first, as the colors of those are more variable than the colors of blinds. A white room can also use a colorful stained wood blind. However, consider using a medium color wood blind, and not the dark colors of the stains. There are rich mahogany wood blinds that can make an interesting complement. Then there is the black room, which has only a small splash of white. These rooms can be a bit harder to decorate, because you cannot jump straight to the white blinds for contrast, and the colors of blinds can be lost in the darkness of the space.

Consider a blind of vivid color that allows light through to solve this problem. This provides a series of benefits. By colorizing the room, you can splash it alive- getting away form the vampire look. By allowing a translucent treatment, you can see the light that passes through lighting up the room a bit more. And, of course, the slight glow of the light as it glows in the rich color will help change the moods.

When decorating these difficult rooms with blinds, consider coordinating the space with a little artwork that has colors similar to the blinds. This can balance the room, and will help the vivid colors of the blinds dance off the artwork, and enhance both. While you are hanging artwork, consider spot lighting for the art. These lights can help display the art, and can be done with picture lights, or uplights, quite easily. Don't stop there, the blinds will get mad. It can look quite interesting to feature blinds with casual but direct lighting.

When the blinds are lit up by spots, the colors glow even more. Certainly if you are a victim of these previous fashion styles, you can add to the blinds with a new coat of paint on a wall. That wall can be on any side, and it can be of a different color from the blinds. Remember, paint first, hang the blinds after the paint is quite dry.

If you want to paint your blinds, don't buy nice new ones, If you paint your blinds, you will cause unintended effects, and you will be very sorry that you did it. This article should not be construed to insult your taste. If you have this style, you are not alone.

These were quite popular. In fact, they are still popular. However, the trends are changing, and we recommend being ahead of the trends by splashing your rooms with the wonderful color of beautiful blinds.

Select high quality long lasting blinds which you can use to coordinate and make look wonderful in your formerly attractive pad. By simply splashing color on your windows, the new style will jive with the new tastes. No longer do you have to hire an interior designer to be in compliance with fashion trends.

You do not need to watch hours of television shows about home décor. Simply buy a set of colorful blinds, and you can have it made in the shade. Blinds can bring life and energy. Blinds can also solve many other problems for your home and office.

Judith Persit learned about vertical blinds as she has planned purchases for her homes. She writes often about vertical blinds. You can learn more about blinds at blindsfactorydirect.com.

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