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Who is Mrs Santa Claus Really

While history has done a fairly good job presenting the established depiction of Santa Claus as the chubby, jolly, old, bearded man in a red suit, there has been little done to create a clear picture about the character and nature of Mrs. Claus. While she is generally seen as a loving, supportive, and kind women, many people are unsure what is the real personality and character surrounding this true leading lady? Innovative and adventurous young people have begun to portray "Ms." Claus as a hip, sexy, and enthusiastic helper to the great Saint Nick.

There are a wide variety of costumes and suits available to Santa's favorite helper, including basic red suits with short skirts and sleek boots. Interesting accessories, including stylish belts and hats add to the fun. Many still like to think of Mrs.

Claus as the traditional homemaker who displays elegance and glamour and gives great calm to Santa and his helpers during the stressful Christmas season. Traditional Mrs. Claus Christmas gowns and costumes are readily available for those wanting to maintain a classic look for the wife of Santa Claus. Christmas costumes allow people to give great life to classic characters. Mrs.

Claus is often overshadowed by her husband. After all, Santa is viewed as a jolly old man who flies around with eight reindeer on Christmas Eve night, spreading joy and cheer and giving great gifts to children. As many women suggest, however, behind every good man is a great woman. Most Christmas movies and television shows tend to show Mrs.

Claus as a loving, nurturing, traditional wife. With all the time and effort that Santa and his helpers put into making Christmas a great time of year, Mrs. Claus must be the stabilizing presence at the North Pole. She prepares and hosts the Christmas Eve meal for Santa and all his helpers before the work of the night begins. While the entertainment world has stuck to the classic presentation of jolly old Saint Nick and his elderly and elegant wife, many adventurous, young women have chosen to give "Ms." Claus a more youthful persona.

With sleek and sexy suits that would make "Mrs." Claus blush, young women have created an interesting new take on Santa's lady that conveys excitement, energy, adventure, fun, and enthusiasm. Whether a woman chooses to give Lady Claus a traditional and elegant look or a young and adventurous personality, she must do so in style and with a high quality Christmas costume. There are many cheap options available that can give someone the basic look of the mother of Christmas. But, fashion conscious women realize that quality fabric, trendy styles, and glamorous accessories can take a plain Mrs. Claus and make her shine as Santa's right hand woman.

CA McCraw writes for the MySantaSuit.com Network which has been servicing internet customers for 7 years now and taking pride in insuring the Customers Satisfaction. Grab an authentic look this year with your Santa Costumes and Santa Suits from the place where Santa and all of his Helpers Shop!

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