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Why Buying Cleaning Equipment Does Not Always Mean You Are Clean

If there is one thing, I am fussy over and often obsessive about, that is cleanliness. After all, we all have our vices and my vice is to keep my flat clean. One thing I cannot stand to see is leftover crumbs over the entire kitchen worktop or a dropping of sauce/fluids and then left there for someone else to clean up. How hard is it to take out a kitchen towel and give the worktop a wipe down? I would rather take a few minutes to get rid of the evidence then leave it to fester!

If this sounds too obsessive and fussy then sue me for having a concern of my health and hygiene, especially if it is within the kitchen! However, I have visited many apartments and houses whereby people are very lapse in the cleanliness department. Although when you look into their kitchen cupboards, you will find an abundance of cleaning equipment and not enough cleaning to prove they are actually using the tools.

Recently an old acquaintance has bought them self a mop and bucket, with street brand cleaning solution to give his polished tiled floor in the kitchen giving it a clean every now and again.

However, on my next visit to my friend I had found that mop and bucket were still unused and the cleaning solution was unopened, therefore, the venture was a complete waste of time. What is more pointless than buying cleaning equipment that you will clearly not use?

If there is one thing to bear in mind, you do not have to keep your property pristine clean all the time that it becomes too uncomfortable to even sit down upon your own furniture without worrying about staining the material. However, there is no excuse for not giving the room a wipe down or a vacuuming now and then, keeping things maintained and having a bit of pride over your own space.

I refuse to believe that there is anyone out there who likes to live in their own filth - although there have been cases where people are too complacent to even clean up after themselves.

The trouble with buying cleaning equipment is knowing where and when to use them! Furniture polish for example, should be used on dining chairs and lounge furniture, this should be done when it is not likely to be used and then covered over with a light sheet over night. Using floor dusters is a good way to keep the tiles and wooden floors clean on a regular basis, however, buying a mop and bucket is a good way of keeping the floor hygienic but better still use polish and sponge as a good way of cleaning wooden floorboards.

This may be all too true for many households, but there are probably people looking at their kitchen cupboards right now and have found plenty of cleaning equipment that does not get used at all. Some of these products may have been bought long ago - that is not to say that these products have a shelf life like food - but they do tend to reduce in quality when they have been kept for a long time for more than a year.

The best thing to do is to throw anything that has been in your cupboard for longer than a year or more, which has been unopened. Unlike food, this is a chemical product and may have harmful affects upon your skin.

In short, there are ways of keeping your house tidy simply by cleaning as you go along, so you are not left with crawling bugs or mounting dishes in the kitchen. It is best to appoint a day for deep cleaning sessions, which will help keep the property well maintained for longer, the last thing you would want is to come across something nasty on your own turf.


About the Author (text)Anna Stenning is extremely fussy over buying cleaning equipment and making use of them, if there is one thing she cannot stand is an unclean property. For more on cleaning supplies visit http://www.vipclean.co.uk/

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